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Very free love, open minded, and extremely unjudgmental. I think math is fun and kindness is sexy. Hope you enjoy my blog and have a nice day.


Just had a really hot dream about a couple of my friends having sex. One was a three some. Damn. Wow…. it was so vivid. Fuck.

Videos of music.

Watching myself starting to fall in love with metal music again. I’ve been out of it for a long time, but wow. Went to a local show last night and it was just fucking awesome. Was just watching a music video from the band Xibalba on youtube and it got me thinking - it might be cool if I could do something along the lines of attend music events and record them, then edit and make videos out of them. I could do some edm shows, some hip hop, some metal..
That would be really fun. I’ve always got my camera with me at all the shows I go to anyways. Hell, I’ve already edited and made a video of a show I went to a couple years ago. It was like 15 minutes long. Wasn’t that good. A/V quality was pretty shit, but the passion is there, at least somewhat. Just wish I had a better way to record it.
Then there’s the thought of me having to actually focus on the recording. If I start wanting to dance or get more involved in the music some way, I won’t always be able to. Unless I find a way to set up a stationary camera. Who makes rules for anything anyway. I should just record however I want and make whatever I make. I think it would be fun even if not too many others find it interesting. 
On the up side, it could be a chance for smaller artists to gain more exposure though. Being in my video, I mean. I could contact the artists to make sure they don’t mind, then edit and through it on facebook and youtube. 
That’d be cool. But shows are also a lot of money, so idk. If I had more experience I might be able to get my entrance price lowered a little, for promise of making a video with the venues and artists names on it. Hmm…

A pornstars lonely Saturday night:
All lubed up and no where to go.


I need to start giving myself more time, and life will be much more enjoyable. Don’t say “be there in 10” when it will realistically take you 15. Tell them “be there in 20” and don’t rush. Leave earlier. Leave at a time that seems too early to leave, if that’s what it takes.
Just stop rushing. Its stressing you out too much.

Boom boom.

Definitely going to miss my speakers… I might just keep my portable amp and use it to play music “out loud” while I ride my bike around. That might be pretty dope, actually…. hmmmm….


Posted a selfie, lost a follower So here’s another


Posted a selfie, lost a follower
So here’s another